On owning my decisions

Repeat after me

“Asking for advice and listening to the opinion of others doesn’t mean that I am not accountable for my decisions. I am an adult. My decisions are my own.”

It’s silly that this is a thing that even needs to be talked about. Nevertheless, my tendency is to outsource responsibility for my decisions. For whatever reason, I don’t think I need to own my choices when they were influenced by others.

Why did I give up on carbs? Cause everyone knows that they are bad.

Why did I leave my job? According to a post I read on LinkedIn, my work environment was toxic.

Why did I forgive? Actually, I didn’t. My Facebook friends told me I didn’t need to forgive because I deserve better.

Whether it be blogs, social media, editorials, friends, co-workers, books, or family, influence is everywhere. It’s easy to listen to everyone and not ever make up one’s own mind. However, if that is the type of person you are, then I don’t want to work with you. I probably don’t want to be your friend either.

To be honest, I’m trying to get rich. In order to do that I need to surround myself with winners and achievers because the data shows that I’m going to become like my five closest friends.

Blah…Blah…Blah…On and on and on…

Advice from others is not the problem. I’m a big advocate of getting and asking for input. It’s crucial though that we develop our ability to synthesize information to form a cohesive, informed opinion that we own.

It’s time to stop with the bumper sticker tripe’s and take hold of our adulthood. Now is our time, let’s own it.