Why I’m writing

Years ago, I received a bit of advice that I wish I had taken. It’s advice that has been bandied about by lots of smart and successful people because it’s good advice. It’s the kind of advice that the people who don’t do it {me}, complain about, while those that heed it, attribute much of their success to following it.

So, what is this advice? I’m glad you asked… Kind of… It’s keeping a journal.

Not necessarily a food diary or a catalog of my emotions but what I’ve been learning. We are all learning. Everyday we learn something. Whether it be about us, the world around us, our friends, or our jobs, as humans, we learn and grow.

It’s one of the things that makes us magnificent. We are not static. We learn.

Unfortunately, in my case, while I learn, I also forget a lot of things.

This journal is my way of chronicling a smattering of the things that have struck me as significant. Some of those items are important for me to write down and some of them, I feel may have some value for you.

Whatever ideas or learnings I share here are mine. The same is true of the opinions.

To continue with the level setting, I will on occasion share things that I find profound. It’s highly probable that you will find them mundane. That’s ok. Overall, I hope that you are able to find something here of value.

I don’t like it when people waste my time so I will try not to waste yours.